Indian Retailing: Opportunities & Challenges For Sustainable Development

  • Dr. Sourabh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Management, IIMT, Aligarh


In the competitive retail sector today: "The customer is the most important person in our company, he does not trust us, we depend on him, he does not interfere with our work, he is his goal. He is not an outsider of our company, he is also a member of it. We do not prefer him by serving him. He is merciful to us by giving us the opportunity to do this. "

In addition to all marketing and productivity strategies, sales and slogans have developed a very special correlation in today's business and commercial world. Some of the phrases that are often used to make consumers more important in the retail world are 'the consumer is king', the consumer is always right, the consumer can not be wrong and the consumer is sovereign. This world of retail marketing is a world where consumers come into direct contact with retailers to buy the goods or things they need for daily use or lifelong durable goods or even advanced goods. When we engage in retail marketing, there are several specialists who belong to the mainstream and become retailers.


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