Multidisciplinary Higher Education, Research, Dynamics & Concepts:

Opportunities & Challenges for Sustainable Development

The cardinal rationale behind India’s strives for independence was to attain socio political and economic autonomy, in order to fast track general growth and development. Today The Education & Research is in transition searching for more innovative ways to combine economic growth, the reduction of poverty and equitable development in a more environmentally sustainable manner. There is a mounting concern in all corners and a dawning realization that ensuring the quality of present and future life and employment depend on how well we tackle this challenge. This calls for new forms of dynamic research & concepts, co-operation between governments, business, workers and societies in general to promote the concept of “Sustainable Development”, through scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of common man's life by improving the theory and practice of various disciplines and sectors of Science, Engineering, Technology, Commerce, Financial Markets and Corporate Governance. Therefore This Book tends to provide the conceptual and other supports to improve research and development activities. This book also intends to examine the effect of education policy on the country’s economic development and to identify necessary actions that could be captured in the policy for the envisaged goals to be achieved effectively. This may result in revitalizing organizations in response to a perceived opportunity, Research and development, wealth and a high majority of employment opportunities. It is also obsevered that many experienced people, such as the political leaders, economists, and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social achievement on a local, national and global scale. 


"Vande Matram, Jai Hind"

First and Foremost dedication of this book is to my motherland the Great “India" my Honor & Pride, Salutation and prostrations to my country which provides me the Liberty and Autonomy to express enhance and publish the knowledge outcomes and provides the opportunity to share this wisdom at world level. A lot of devotion, hard work, commitment , sacrifice with continuous efforts, deeply filled with passion , honesty and a strive to learn, unlearn, Re learn and conceptualize the knowledge , is the foundation towards the creation of this book on "Multidisciplinary Higher Education ,Research, Dynamics and Concepts"-  Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development.  it became possible to come up with  a  Crux of research knowledge on the issue and to compile it so magnificently with the unconditional  Corporation, Guidance & Virtual help of multiple  intellectuals contributing towards it directly and indirectly. I owe my gratitude towards the entire Teaching fraternity including all the academicians, research scholars as well as students for their support, representation and academic contribution.

There are some mentors & key source of inspiration without whom this work couldn't have been even initiated , making thanks will amount very less towards there greatness but without mentioning them the entire effort would go meaningless and unjustified these gems of wisdom  treasure are:-

Prof.  Dr A.K. Dixit ( Vice Chancellor, DBRA University, Agra)

Prof. S. K. Kak (VC JP University, Ex- Vice Chancellor, CCSU, Meerut & MTU, Noida)

Mr. Vinod Goel  (Chairman, GGGI Ambala)

Prof. Dr. R.R. Azad (Chairman AHSAS - Director GGGI Ambala)

Prof.  Dr. V. K. Gupta (Director - IIM Indore)

Dr. B. K. Agrawal( Retd. HOD, Commerce. DN PG College Fatehgarh)

Dr Vinod Kumar Gupta (Principal, VMD, College, Kaimganj)

Prof.  H.P. Gupta (VC & ED,  IME, Sahibabad)

I am  highly indebted to all Patrons, Organizing Secretaries, Advisory Board, Organizing Committee, Conference Coordinators, all the distinguished Guest Speakers, Delegates ,Session Chairs and Co Chairs; All the Departmental Heads & Distinguished Faculty Members of SV PG College  with special mention to the faculty of Commerce Dr Gopal Babu, Dr. Y K Varshney, Dr. Mukesh Pathak, Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Dr. Girish Mittal, Dr. Anil Varshney and nevertheless our Institutional Head and Conference Chairperson Dr. PK Varshney; Principal SV PG College, Aligarh for all their  timeless continuous and valuable support,  which was the backbone to bring up the success to the event and the publication of the book.

My special gratitude and thanks to Swaranjali Publication House without whom the idea couldn't have been conceived and brought up to its virtual shape. I will always remain thankful to Anshuman and Mrs. Gupta along with the technical team for there extreme hard work and incredible round the clock services raising and performing more than the professional expectations.

Last but not the least is a mention of a super sacrificing cooperation of my sweet little angel my 4 years daughter “Rati” who despite of her illness during the finalization of this book very humbly permitted and allowed me to go ahead with the task................. 

“No Doubts! Daughters are always indispensable”.

 I further take the responsibility for the omissions and mistakes if left out and seek further guidance’s and directions for improvements. 


Thanks to One and All…..


 Dr. Gunjan Agrawal


Assistant professor

Faculty of Commerce

SV PG College,Aligarh