Indian Rural Market Opportunity And Challenges In The Global Context

  • Santosh Kumar Pandey Aryavart Institute of Technology
  • Swati Jaiswar


Globalization is not at all a new term for us as we are experiencing the tremendous change in our environment which is purely a result of it. The change is clear and shown a considerable effect on rural markets. Through this article, an attempt is made to put on paper the important changes brought by globalization in rural markets. . Due to green revolution, the rural areas are consuming a large quantity of industrial and manufactured products. In this way rural market offers opportunities in the form of large untapped market, increase in disposable income, increase in literacy level and large scope for penetration. To take the advantage of these opportunities, a special marketing strategy ‘Rural Marketing’ has emerged. This paper tries to understand the rural market, importance of rural marketing and status of rural market. Keywords: Rural Market, Rural Consumers, Globalization, Urbanization, Census, Rural Area, Market.


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