Role of Nano Technology in Indian Agriculture

  • Anurag Singh


Indian agriculture is very backing ward only due to the fact that farmers are backward. There is very lack of research and development and ignorance of government. There is negligible FDI in primary sector comparison to developed countries. Though nano technology is very much effective and useful but it is in its initial stage and requires huge investment. Indian agriculture is monsoon depependent erratic monsoon causes failure in agriculture. Wheat and rice production is either constant or declining. Due to excess use of fertilisers and pesticides various countries denied the Indian agricultural product which is a great set back to our export earning.indian rural market based on primary sector is future market of India employing 55% population is declining sharply. Youth are migrating to metropolitan areas in search of job in secondary and tertiary sectors which is causing rural depopulation. Live stock and animal husbandry is also decreasing due to rural depopulation.


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