Digital Marketing on Social Media

  • Rashmi . Research Scholar ( DCRUST,MURTHAL)
  • Aarti Deveshwar Asasistant Professor (DCRUST,MURTHAL)


computerized dispersion medium including web, compact, and other natural channels.
The web gives a chance to your clients and potential clients to speak uninhibitedly about
your business, your administrations, your brands, and your items through web-based
life. Digital marketing likewise suggest to as I-marketing, web-marketing, web-based
advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or e-Marketing, is the advertising of items
or administrations over the Internet. The Internet has carried media to a worldwide crowd.
The intelligent idea of Internet showcasing regarding giving moment reaction and inspiring
reactions is one of a kind nature of the medium.This paper is Review paper to examines the
past literature on Digital Marketing on social media.
Key Words- Digital Marketing, Social Media, Promotion, Brand, Users etc


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