Penetration of E Digital Wallet in NCR

  • Pradeep . Management Training in Finance & Account Department at Clearpack automation pvt Ltd Greater Noida,
  • Prof Shweta Anand Professor, Gautam Buddha University


Few years back digital e wallet was something majority in India had not heard about.
However, its use saw a huge leap in last couple of years with the surge of smart phones,
high speed internet connectivity. After the demonetisation people are more aware about
the digital e wallet. Many vendors adopted it due to dire necessity for survival in business.
Digital e wallet can also be linked to the bank account. Nowadays lots of digital e
wallet are available in the market. All digital wallets focus on cashless transactions. The
usage of some e wallets is very popular.
Youth has adopted it. This study was being conducted to understand the extent of
Awareness, Usage, frequency of usage, comfort level and Issues amongst youth. Primary
data has been collected using Questionnaire via Google forms.
The Findings Reveal That
Key word – Digital e-wallet, cashless, demonetization, etc.


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