The Opportunities and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship in India – A Literature Review

  • Neetu . Research Scholar
  • Prof. K. M. Mohapatra Professor, SOHSS, HBTU, Kanpur (U.P), India


requires promoting entrepreneurship for the overall economic development. Since ages men
have dominated the economic activities but in the new era women have emerged as a key
player in the economic growth of any nation. Growths of interest and activities in women
entrepreneurship within the last decades have focused to overcome from unintentional
neglecting of female entrepreneurs. As this fi eld is in an adolescence stage with continuous
development, a large number of articles in journals, literature review and books provide
reasons for scholars to take research interest .This study will explore the fi eld by reviewing
related published literature and expand the reasons for generating interest and summarize
the new horizon within the work and related literature. This study discusses the constraints
faced by women as an entrepreneur in developing countries. This paper identifi es the gap
between theory and practices, and gives suggestions in formulation of policies and help
in maintaining a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs. It has been noticed
that the studies are mainly being conducted by developed countries. Findings of the study
suggest that we still need to go a long way to build a strong literature base for future
researchers. The need of the time is to build transnational networks, so we conclude new
territories for scholars to explore by generating a rich and strong understanding of women
Keywords: Women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, opportunities, challenges


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