A Study On Factors Affecting Employees Loyalty At The Work Place: Review

  • Mokhtar Ahmed Ali Alshana Research Scholar
  • Dr. Neeti Rana (Associate Professor) School Of Management, Gautam Buddha University – Greater Noida. India


Because the economic globalization and the fl ow of information, organizations now are
facing pressure from competitors. Most of the employers now are realizing that customer
loyalty depends on employee loyalty, they really understand that if they become satisfi ed
and happy in the work place, the productivity will increase, meaning that if there are loyal
employee, we will defi nitely have loyal customer. The purpose of this review is to fi nd
out the factors that affect and infl uence the employees loyalty. Study is conducted to fi nd
the important factors that infl uencing employees' loyalty among payment and benefi ts,
,organization culture , leadership styles,work place environment,training ,and career
development opportunities.
Keywords: Employee loyalty, leadership style, skill development,organization work
culture, etc.


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