Is Leadership Inborn or Acquired

  • Mamta . Assistant Professor, B.j.s. Rampuria Jain College, Bikaner (Rajasthan), India


The concept of leadership is in existence since ancient time. The leadership is inborn or
acquired has been debated for many years. History have several paradigm which denotes
inborn leadership, whereas others also emerge their leadership by education, strong
determination, experience, training, self-learning. To interpret the leadership, both inborn
and acquired factors are considered. The main intent of this paper is to examine whether
the leadership is inborn or acquired. It refl ect the concept of leadership and how a leader
succeed. This paper will give the defi nition of leadership, discuss the innate traits and
acquired traits. This paper argues that for an effi cient leader, a person should have innate
quality of leadership though, leadership can be acquired also. Leadership is an art not a
science. This paper scrutinize and give answer to a debated question: The base of marvelous
leadership is intrinsic (inborn) or extrinsic (acquired). For understanding the leadership,
both nature and nurture should be followed. This paper makes research on inborn and
acquired leader. The leader having innate and learned qualities are considered and the
importance of both types of leader are determined in this paper. So the leadership can be
acquired and provide some suggestion for the administration and institution to fl ourish the
potential leader. It is concluded that both inborn and acquired leaders get success in life.
Keywords: Leadership, Inborn, Skills


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