Impact of Positive Employee Experience on Financial Performance

  • Ekta Gupta Dr.Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology & Management, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.


The recent trend among modern companies is the shifted focus of organizational efforts
towards ensuring positive employee experience. In other words, companies are capitalizing
on resources and polices which ensure the workforce accrues positive experiences at the
workplace. For most companies, the decision to maximize employee experience is driven
by the acknowledgement that employees form the most signifi cant asset of any organization
due to their contribution towards organizational success. Hence, by encouraging positive
employee experience companies may seemingly promote their organizational performance.
In this regard, this paper primarily endeavors to explore the manner in which positive
employee experience impacts organizational fi nancial performance. To achieve this, the
researcher primarily reviews the fi ndings of previous scholarly studies thereby establishing
a theoretical context of employee experience and its impact on the fi nancial performance
of a company. However, the researcher takes into account the validity and credibility of
the secondary sources. Therefore, the conclusion of this study has its implications on the
management department of organizations, particularly the human resource manager. Aside
from that, this study provides various recommendations that enable companies develop
human-centric workplaces for enhanced fi nancial performance. These recommendations
include encouraging best-self management, shifting managerial mind-set, engineering
positive brain states and enacting processes and systems which reinforce positivity.
Keywords: Employee experience, fi nancial performance, organizational
performance, employee interest, employee motivation


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