Rural Eco Tourism in India An Exploratory Study

  • Vasundhra Singh School of Management, Gautam Buddha University, Gr. Noida


have now started looking for holidays that are more relaxing and more in sync with the
nature. The awareness about the depletion of our very scarce natural resources and the
exploitation and ruining of natural landscape also compels millennia to opt for more
ecological mode of vacation. Rural eco-tourism just fi ts right for the requirements of such
In this paper we will be discussing some successful rural eco-tourism businesses run
by individuals and /or by companies. In some villages, a council is formed that runs an
entire eco village for tourism e.g. Hodka Village community in Kutch, Gujarat. Some best
business practices by local and small-time farmers and landholders will also be discussed.
This paper lists all the activities available to the tourists in the rural setup. It includes
wide range of activities that take place in an agricultural setup or in the green areas that are
far from the hustle of the cities. It provides opportunities for visitors to directly experience
agricultural and/or natural environments. It includes farm-based holidays but also comprises
special interest nature holidays and ecotourism, walking, climbing and riding holidays,
adventure, educational travel, arts and heritage tourism, and, in some areas, ethnic tourism.
The paper will also review various benefi ts of rural tourism to the rural population.
Rural tourism has opened gate to numerous benefi ts for the non-urban residents. They can
earn a living by hosting tourists. It creates awareness about the conservation of our natural,
cultural, historical environment. This paper also enlists some of the main marketing
initiatives by the government and private enterprises to promote rural tourism.
Keywords: Rural Eco Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Rural Destinations, Community tourism


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