Marketing Theory and Practice: Case of Performing Art Organizations

  • Vartika Avdhesh Ph.d. Scholar, Amity University, Noida, India


industry practices. Art-Management can create an essential pathway for marketing professionals in
stimulating the studies around the implications of the management practices adopted by the arts
organizations. For the purpose of this research paper, the attention is on the study of the performing
art organizations and the marketing practices that are prevalent in them. The purpose of this research
paper is to identify how the relationship is established between marketing theory and practice in
performing art organizations. Performing art organizations are varied in nature with respect to the
nature of specialized art form that is offered by them to the audiences as their ultimate consumers.
The objective of this paper is to synthesize the various marketing practices involved in performing art
organizations and put them within theoretical realms for acknowledgement as the art-management
theories. The research design adopted for this paper is descriptive in nature. Qualitative analysis
would be used as the tool to identify and model theories involved in art-management with respect to
marketing in performing art organizations. Data collected would be secondary and primary in nature.
Methods for primary data collection would be interviews, schedules and observation. For secondary
data, international journals, newspapers etc. would be used as the prime source of collection. The
outcome of the research paper is to establish the relationship between management theories and
practices involved in the performing art organizations and specifi cally with respect to marketing.
It aims to theorize the principles in art-management practice which is a well-established fi eld of
study internationally. It comprises limitation with respect to demographic and geographical reasons
existing at the time of collection of data. The study comprehended through this research paper would
act as a tool for grounding a theory through analysis of the data collected. The study aims to act as
a tool for further research for researches involved in art-management and marketing practices. As
an outcome it would act as a scholarly research that proposes an examined management theory that
could be validated by other researches in the same fi eld.
Kywords: Marketing, Theory and Practice, Marketing Theory, Performing Art
Organizations, Art-Management


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