Sustainable Project Management A Trending Need

  • Snigdha Pandit Student, Integrated MBA, SOM, Gautam Buddha University,
  • Mudrika Nigam Student, Integrated MBA, SOM, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, UP, INDIA
  • Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma Associate Professor, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, INDIA


There is an urgent need of sustainable approach in all kinds of business and organizational
strategies today. The ways of operations need to be restructured incorporating sustainability
in management. The role of project management is increasing in our day to day life
affecting business, society and environment. There is a need to monitor whether a
particular type of a project management, ways, processes, practicing methodologies and
general awareness of knowledge are suitable for sustainable deliverables and outcomes
or not. This paper highlights all concepts of sustainability, terminology, interrelations,
projects and management with operations and key areas through a case study of a small
construction project and will help the future research in deeper understanding the current
challenges to be faced within discipline with respect to achieve the goals of sustainable
project management. This paper will be very helpful to identify key points to be focused
by decision makers, managers, academicians and practitioners to evaluate a project with
sustainable project management or not or something more advanced and trending approach
Key Words: Sustainability, approach, project, management etc.


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