Organizational Development and Change throu GH Green HRM: An Initiative taken by Education Sector in Delhi and NCR

  • Dr Anjali Singh (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Urvashi Sharma (Assistant Professor) Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad


“Knowledge is power” This proverb proves that a person who is considering being
powerful will be a knowledgeable human being. Now the question rise that what are the
several sources through which we become knowledgeable, so according to me there are
few key elements such as: Education, family, parents, relatives, peer group, teachers and
the consequences.
Thus, it is proved in the previous studies that whenever a person is full of knowledge
that shows the level of confi dence, willingness and loyalty towards his words and factual
Now, as far as organization is concern the human resource of an organization is the
backbone, so in this regard they should be knowledgeable, competent and loyal. In the
era of globalization and digitalization almost all multinational companies are working on
green initiatives in term of human resource and marketing.As these two domains plays the
most important part to make environment clean and green.
In this research paper the special attention laid down on human resource of educational
institutions like schools, colleges and universities. As this segment is the most important
part of the society every new changes has to be expected from this segment positively then
they spread initiative drive to the entire world.
The positive effects of green human resource management is to demonstrate the
healthy, safe, green and clean environment that help each and every living being happy and
hygienic surrounding.

Keywords: Green initiative, empowerment, knowledge, segment, hygiene, surrounding etc.


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