Swami Vivekananda and Education

  • Dr. Nivedita Lal Associate Prof., Deptt. Of Applied Sciences, ITM, GIDA


Swamiji reiterates that religion is the innermost core of education. However, by religion, he does not mean any particular kind of its but it’s essential character, which is the realization of the divinity already in man. He reminds us time and again that religion does not consist in dogmas or creeds or any set of rituals. To be religious for him means leading life in such a way that we manifest our higher nature, truth, goodness and beauty, in our thoughts, words and deeds. All impulses, thoughts and actions which lead one towards this goal are naturally ennobling and harmonizing, and are ethical and moral in the truest sense. It is in this context that Swamiji’s idea of religion, as the basis of education should be understood. We note that in his interpretation, religion and education share the identity of purpose.


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