Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi: Truth Is One, Paths Are Diverse

  • Dr Umesh Jadoun (Asst. Professor) Deptt. Of Economics (S.V. PG College, Aligarh
  • Dr Tanu varshney (Asst. Professor ) Deptt. Of Economics (S.V. PG College, Aligarh)


Vivekananda and Gandhi may not have seen eye to eye on the subject of politics, but they were deeply connected at the core in their devotion to their motherland, and in their sincere concern for and service to the millions of India’s miserable masses. Both of them were passionately patriotic, but their patriotism was not confined within the narrow walls of nationalism; their nationalism, being inclusive, implied internationalism. Vivekananda and Gandhi came to breathe new life into the lungs of their listless mother, India, and to rejuvenate the spirit of her children with the message of the Bhagavad Gita to “stand up and fight!” Gandhi fought, however, in his own unique way with the mightiest moral-spiritual weapon of satyagraha, based on nonviolent courage and adherence to truth.Had Vivekananda lived to see Gandhi’s satyagraha (first used by Gandhi in South Africa in 1906), would he have accepted Gandhi’s version of “nonviolent courage?”


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