Vivekanand and Gandhi: In Modern Context of India

  • Kuldeep Kumar Arya H.O.D., Department of Commerce, Vidya mandir Degree College, Kaimganj
  • Dr. Rashmi Gangwar Asst. Prof. Department of Commerce, Vidya mandir Degree College, Kaimganj


This research paper identifies the similarities and between Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi. It explains how the two men vastly differed in their family background and the educational and social milieu in which they grew up. Vivekananda was a religious leader and the proclaimed heir of the great saint of Bengal, Sri Ramakrishna, while Gandhi plunged into the political arena at the age of twenty-four, and for the next fifty years, led struggles against racialism and imperialism. Vivekananda rejected politics, while Gandhi believed that religion could not be separated from politics. Despite these differences, they both responded to Western influences with judicious discrimination, accepting what was life-giving and rejecting what was deleterious


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