Integrated Strategic Planning OF Marketing, Advertising or Promotions

  • Mr. Hemant Saini Assistant Professor, Commerce, Dr. Nepal Singh Degree College (Atrrauli) Aligarh
  • Dhamini Bharti Research Scholar, Commerce, D.S. College, Aligarh


It is of high quality that it is important to formulate a company. Failure, failure or sustainability of a company depends on the effectiveness of the strategic plan and can be considered as a scheme. Example: to significantly increase the price of a product, an executive or administrative office must dig and evaluate its competitors against price changes. If this change results in market dominance being commercialized, competitors will hastily launch products to increase market share by changing the prices of products. The management or operation of a company must find a legitimate tool to be able to safely exercise its commercialized market position. This requires an uninterrupted assessment of the controllable elements of the uncontrollable environment.


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