Financial Reforms of Corporate Firms & Macroeconomic Stability

  • Swati Jain Assistant Professor, Business Administration, D.S. College, Aligarh
  • Kshama Agrawal Research Scholar, Commerce, S.V.PG College, Aligarh


The term economic reform or financial reform is one of the most used and most used terms in the contemporary economy. It is meant to be inclined towards neoliberal policies, strategies and norms. Faced with structural weaknesses and severe external shocks on the domestic front, many developing countries have for decades implemented financial reforms, especially since the decade of the 1980s, in order to ensure better allocation of resources and improve financial performance. Due to changes in strategies and standards, the financial reform process includes macroeconomic stabilization and restructuring. The main goal of achieving macroeconomic stability was to restore the balance of payments and reduce inflation at a low and manageable level in the short term. Efforts have been made to stabilize the intention of measures that influence the demand side of the economy.


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