Empowerment of Women and Sustainable Development through Globalization

  • Dr. Gitam Singh Assistant Professor, Department of English, S.V.PG College, Aligarh


The policy on appearance or globalization is to offer free lunch. We must prepare for globalization. Such coordination should be taken in many areas of the national economy. If globalization is to benefit the economies of developing countries, there must be policy measures to stimulate technological progress and production. We must prepare the economy in all respects to meet the demands of the processing industry to challenge global competition.

In short, successful integration with the world economy requires a range of additional policies and situations at home. Policy makers should strengthen the liberalization of external strategies through internal strategies that give countries a real responsibility to build physical and human capital and mediate social conflicts. In addition, while external producers approach, we need to place a strong, solid window in the right place. The window can be closed and closed again


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