Higher Education In The Light Of New Education Policy

  • Dr. Ravindra Rajput, Professor, B. Ed Department, Shri Vashnayay College, Aligarh


Education Commission and committees formed after independence in India were unable to achieve desired success in the field of higher education. To take the higher education system in proper direction and condition, the nation was required to establish and implement a new education policy. On the basis of the recommendations of the Secondary Education Commission, 1964, the proposal was published in 1968 on education policy, in which aimed to prepare committed, characterized and committed working youths for national development. In May 1986 a new National Policy was implemented which is going on till now. Meanwhile, for the review of the National Education Policy, the Acharya Ramamurthy Committee in 1990, Prof. Yashpal Committee was formed in 1993. These education policies played a role in upliftment of higher education in this manner-


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