Challenges and Solutions In Front Of Current Higher Education

  • Dr. Brijendra Singh Lecturer, Agrawal Kanya College, Gangapurcity, Rajasthan
  • Dr. Darshi Chaturvedi, Lecturer, Agrawal Kanya College, Gangapurcity, Rajasthan


The system of higher education that is visible in India is the responsibility of the British and it has no relation to the ancient tradition of our country. Higher education is given in most of the university. This is the foundation of nation and nation building. After the independence, the number of students taking admission in the university and the education in them increased day by day. But the kind of education that was being provided at the university was highly discontented in the public. As a result, the level of education has fallen, students' desire for knowledge has disappeared, problems of unemployment have been present in front of educated people, and above all this education has become unable to fulfill the present and future needs of the country. India is a country of youth. Important plans like Make in India, Digital India are to be successful, so youths have to show them the right path. It is important that our students get better education.


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