Use of ICT in Higher Education

  • Dr. Manju Bala Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, S. V. College, Aligarh


For India to emerge as a knowledge super power of the world in the shortest Possible time, It is imperative to convert our demographic advantage into knowledge power house by nurturing and honing are working population into knowledge or knowledge enabled working population. Higher Education system has grown exponentially in the last five decade to meet the demand of quality education for all.   New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning and the way education is managed. ICT has begun to have a presence but unfortunately we are lacking to achieve desired impact. The education is a socially oriented activity. It plays a vital role in building the society. The quality education traditionally is associated with strong teachers having high degrees. Using ICT’s in education it moved to more student centered learning. As world is moving rapidly towards digital information, the role of ICTs in education becoming more and more important and this importance will continue to grow and develop in 21st Century.

This paper highlights various impacts of ICT on contemporary higher education and also discusses potential future developments. The paper argues the use of ICT in transforming teacher centered learning to competency based learning.

Keyword: Implementation of ICT, online learning.


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Conference Paper