Multidisciplinary Approach towards Sustainable Development- Social Relevance to Social Realisation

  • Dr Sandeep Shandilya Mangalayatan University,Aligarh


Sustainable development is a much debated and talked issue all across the globe. The nature of development in past few decades in particular and around last one century in general all over the world and across all the nations has been a cruel story of unprecedented destruction of earth’s environment.  The rampant exploitation of natural resources has been a serious cause of concern all over the world. This development which is marred by such serious repercussions can never be treated as development in its true sense. There has been a peculiar demographic transition of almost all nations on earth and this transition is so pronounced that  it can be said in a narrow sense that entire globe has undergone a peculiar demographic transition. This demographic transition is characterised by the drift away from agrarian to industrial & manufacturing character of economies. The contribution of Agriculture sector to world’s total income has systematically gone down over the years and that of manufacturing and service sector has gone up. This shifted emphasis towards manufacturing has resulted into rampant exploitation of natural resources.


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