The Need of Marketing Strategy to Win Competition in New Market

  • Dr. Devesh Kumar Varshney Faculty, Department of Commerce S.V.PG College, Aligarh
  • Harshit Sharma Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, S.V.PG College, Aligarh


The challenges facing small industries in the implementation of marketing strategies in marketing patterns and the assessments needed to address them can be found in the preview of this study. The emphasis is mainly on marketing strategies that are used in various areas of production, promotion, distribution and pricing. If you are not a layman, a clergyman or a professional, the term strategy is a term that is linked by logical, causal, in the business world; however, we stick to plans relating to marketing, finance and production activities. Managers from different business organizations centralize efforts to achieve the largest potential share in the target market. The area of ​​strategic planning is much more extensive. It concerns factors that cannot be controlled: competition, legal obstacles, interference with other actions and the elements that can be controlled within the context of scientific and technical specialization: production, logistics distribution, promotion and evaluation.


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