Entrepreneurship: A New Vision to Today’s Youth for Being Employed

  • Lakhami Chandra Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Gyan Mahavidhylay, Aligarh


There is no concise explanation of the meaning of the words entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. The term entrepreneur is repeatedly used to create new entrepreneurs and to reflect those who are fully responsible for their functions. Webster's Dictionary summarizes some of the original improvements to this concept by defining entrepreneurs as 'those who organize the company and take risks for profit'. According to French economists, an entrepreneur tries to function with a business entity, especially an organizer, and acts as an intermediary between the elements of production: land, labor and capital. According to Say, an entrepreneur creates value for a product and constructs the production factor by paying for land, wages, and capitalists for entrepreneurs and interest on profits. Some contributed to the interpretation of the term 'entrepreneur' by contributing to entrepreneurs' need to manage the potential with others, and to always seek and introduce opportunities to minimize and evolve costs. According to them, an entrepreneur is someone who performs an action or function.


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