Concept of Value Education According Vivekananda and Gandhi

  • Kuldeep Arya Assistant Professor, VMD College, Kaimganj, Farrukhabad.UP


Everyone knows that life is precious, life is important. We protect our lives because we care more than anything else. If life is too important, the value of life is more important. The value is the principle of action or guiding principle that is respected, desirable, and important and respected by the particular society in which the person lives. The importance of value and morality is the code that we live in a civilized society. They are what we use to lead our interactions with others, our friends and family, our business and our professional behavior. Our values ​​and morals reflect our spirituality. Our personality hopes to model the children for our children and children around us, because children look at us when they develop their right and wrong senses.


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