Knowledge Management A New Approach to Reforming Industry and Current Education Scenario

  • Dr. Umesh Singh Jadon Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, S.V.PG College, Aligarh


Knowledge is something which just people can possess. Knowledge can be characterized as the understanding that is obtained through the procedure of experience or suitable study. Individuals know things, PCs can't know things. Customarily in our educating framework knowledge is seen as an individual ownership. Information gives us the ability to make a move. Information is based on experience; it requires direction, and it includes the application of hypothesis (either intentionally or unconsciously). We can characterize learning as the understanding picked up by experience and study or the outcome of the accumulation and reasoning of data through renting. Information securing includes complex intellectual procedures: perception, learning, correspondence, affiliation and thinking. The term information is additionally used to mean the sure comprehension of a subject with the capacity to utilize it for a particular reason if suitable where as learning procedure can be partitioned into three general categories, knowledge creation/application, information sharing/incorporation and codification and


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