The Role of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in Higher Education

  • Naila Zia, Department of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh, UP
  • Mansoor Ilahi, Department of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh, UP
  • Prof. Nafees A. Khan Department of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh, UP


Since time immemorial, education has been an important instrument for social and economic transformation. Currently, higher education in India is undergoing a great transformation in terms of access, equity and quality. This transition is strongly influenced by the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) around the world. The introduction of ICT in higher education has profound implications for the whole educational process, especially when it comes to solving key problems of access, equity, management, efficiency, pedagogy and quality. At the same time, the optimal use of opportunities arising from the diffusion of ICT in the higher education system is a major challenge for higher education institutions. In this context, the paper addresses the opportunities and challenges of integrating ICTs into various aspects of higher education in the current scenario and will seek to determine the concept, uses and benefits of ICTs in higher education. as well as identifying the role of ICT in higher education. The paper will attempt to situate the different challenges / obstacles to the implementation of ICT in higher education.

Keywords:  ICT, Higher Education, Role, Barriers


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