Call Centers: An Opportunity for Job Startups

  • Prakhar Goyal Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, IIMT, Aligarh, UP.


The call center industry has been around for 20 years and several companies have applied outsourcing strategies to cut costs and increase competitiveness. There are companies that tackle strong strategic problems and strengthen their competitiveness. Many analysts predict that the call center industry has not yet fully developed and that overall growth will take more time.

In the United States, the call center industry continues to outperform the industrial sector because it manifests itself as a service sector. The US GDP service represented 80% and the services sector grew by 8 months. Initially, banks and other financial institutions often have a Call Center for customer service. Service outsourcing technology has been developed with the advancement of computers and the internet. The first task to outsource was Call Center operations. First, the price reduction is the main cause of the development of the call center industry. Many companies have outsourced non-core activities in order to save costs and concentrate on core activities. They were able to concentrate on their activities and helped to increase their income. The companies also outsource non-core activities, enabling them to save costs and generate income.


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