Challenges of Globalization and Its Reflections in Hindi Poetry and Language

  • Ashok Kr Dwivedi Associate Professor, S. V. College, Aligarh, U.P.


'Globalization' is not a global phenomenon of everything, as the name suggests. It is a comprehensive reflection of the restructuring of the world economy. Their diverse and enormous consequences are now starting to show their influence, which is clearly not favourable for all economies. It should be noted that developed countries try to tax underprivileged or developing countries. This is also called neo-colonialism, this is the destruction of natural resources, the so-called 'human resources' or labor and the market of these countries. Only these less developed countries are under pressure from economic restructuring. The superpowers or developed countries never followed the standards for the poor. They have not opened markets in the same way and all other countries do not have the same approach as natural resources, markets or human labor. The reality of this phenomenon can be realized in all lives of developing countries such as India. Various literary articles; Novels, short stories, drama and poetry are written by writers and poets of all nations who reveal the damage caused by so-called globalization. In our country the Hindi language and literature reflects its effects in different forms. The largest language Hindi languages ​​to major in English and Chinese language and then about a third of the world's 60 Crow Indians, as well as India have a responsibility to echo and reflect the reality of the entire human race. Hindi literature and language wrestle with it.


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