Business Ethics: Concept and Values in Commercial Perspective

  • Yogyata Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Management, D.S. College Aligarh


When we think about what a company is, we will come to the conclusion that we are a group of people who buy or produce goods to sell according to the demand of the population. This is a short description of the company, but many experts define their company in their own words. Stephenson defines a company as "regular production or purchase and sale of a product that is executed with the aim of making a profit and earning wealth through human satisfaction". According to Dicksee, "a business is a form of activity that is carried out for the benefit of those who carry it out." Lewis Henry defines business as: "The sale of goods for human activities aimed at producing or acquiring wealth through purchasing, so the concept of company means a group of people who want to benefit from unclassified market conditions for the continuous production and distribution of goods and services, I will do it.


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