Indian Rural Market: Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Context

  • Dr. Divya .Satyan Associate Professor, Department of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai


Almost sixty-seventy per cent of India lives in its rural areas. As per all estimations these numbers will not change drastically for the coming few decades and therefore an approximate eighty crore Indians will constitute the rural market for products by the 2040`s and 2050`s. The rural market economy thus becomes a very lucrative sector for the marketing people of all goods.
The paper will attempt to throw some light onto the difficulties faced by apparel marketers in making the rural markets work for them in conventional business models, look into the stories of some of the successful forays by organizations and conclude by suggesting the possible learnings from these successful business models of the apparel firms working with the rural India which can transform the way the world will look at Indian apparel industry. Key words: Apparel, sustainable, rural economy, global fashion


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