Marketing Mix of Indian Rural Market

  • Mohd. Nawman Ata Student, Mewar University Chittaurgarh (Rajasthan)


India's rural market holds high potential for increased consumer buying, as per the reports prepared by the NCAER. This paper explains the potential of the rural market and the issues of concern with regard to rural marketing. Rural markets are becoming important for reasons of economic growth in these areas and increasing interfirm rivalry in urban markets. The rural buyer is less educated, price sensitive, more traditional and is keen viewer of T.V and video programs. Products for rural markets have to be simple, easy to use, visually identifiable, and affordable, communicated in an interesting style and available at the customers' doorstep. Rural consumer behavior is a very complex phenomenon, which needs more efforts to understand, explain & predict. In order to get a clear understanding of the same, every marketer should realize that consumer behavior is, in fact, an assumption every marketing manager must make, if he plans to hit the rural market. The marketing program consists of numerous decisions on the mix of marketing tools to use. These tools consist of 4P's of marketing i.e. product, price, place and promotion.


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