Scope of Rural marketing for F.M.C.G Company

  • Sunandini Mishra Student, Deptt.of Commerce, Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University, Faizabad


The rural market of India is fascinating and challenging at the same time. It offers large scope on account of its sheer size. And, it is growing steadily. Even a modest growth pushes up the sales of a product substantially, in view of the huge base. It is attractive from yet another angle. Whereas the urban market is highly competitive, the rural market is relatively quiet. In fact, for certain products, it is a totally virgin market. Simultaneously, the market also poses several problems and hurdles. The firms have to encounter them squarely and put in a great deal of effort, if they have to get a sizeable share of the market. Efforts to capture the market with due thought and focus on the constraints with streamlined strategies to overcome the same will tend to define the path ahead for rural marketing in India.


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