Promotional Mix Strategies for Services in Rural Market

  • Devesh Ranjan Tripathi Assistant Professor, Business Administration,School Of Management Studies, UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad


Rural customer understands and demands value for money in every purchase that he makes. Pricing therefore is a direct function of factors including cost-benefit advantage and opportunity cost. Price sensitivity is extremely high and comparison with competitive prices is common. It must be remembered that the rural consumer does not have a budget problem. He has a cash flow problem. This is because the village folk receive funds only twice a year. At these times, he is capable of making high volume purchases. At all times, however, the unit price is critical and so is the pack size. Because of this, in the lean season when there is a cash flow crunch, marketers need to provide financial products, schemes or solutions that suit the needs of the rural population. If the company wants to capture the rural market, they must first carry on the detailed and earnest analysis of the country side goal market, aiming at the particular characteristics of the rural market, and utilizing different marketing strategy according to concrete situations. Keywords: - Promotional Mix, Strategies, Concentrated marketing, Service, Macro Level


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