New Destination For Multinational Corporations in India - Rural market

  • Pankaj Kant Dixit Director & 2Assistant Professor
  • Sumit Bajpai Naraina Vidya Peeth Management Institute, Unnao


The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of marketing strategies on rural India and shift of Multinational Corporation’s concentration towards the Indian rural market. But often, rural marketing is confused with agricultural marketing Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of the four A’s principles on the rural economy and its participants, namely farmers, landless laborers and marketing intermediaries. The marketing had a positive effect on all these participants through the creation of vast marketing opportunities. The driving force of this success was “market forces,” generating virtuous cycles in the transition marketing. At the same time, the “absence of bad marketing policy” is emphasized as a key for the success in the context of India, where excessive intervention of private companies like H.U.L, calvin care porter And gamble, often resulted in success of rural marketing in India.


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