A Comparative Study Of Academic Adjustment Of Adolescents Of Working & Non- Working Mothers

  • Girraj Kishore Research Scholar, JJTU Jhunjunu Rajashtahan


Now days, there is much emphasis on education of women and there is an increase in its standard at present. Due to awareness about women education, abundance of common good is market and there use as a criteria of their ecstard , the requirement of family members are going on increasing rapidly . Because of such situating, women have do to economically productive jobs. From studies, it is founds earning of women are specifically used in not only bringing up, education, health treatment of children but also in welfare of the family. In addition do their, by the working women, others gives or women of ….. , get inspirations to do work and get profient in mother`s for economic earning. The other face of their fact is that working mother give less time to their children & family in comparison to non-working mother. Due to there is an effect on the academic adjustment and academic achievement of their children. For the systemic study of the above problems, it is necessary to research on their topic. Therefore be chose the topic a comparative study of academic adjustment of adolescents of working & non- working mothers.


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