Evolution of E-Market

  • Ms. Sana Khan Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management
  • Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma Naraina Vidya Peeth Management Institute, Kanpur


E-Marketing can be defined as “Achieve marketing objectives and strategies with the help of digital technologies”. In the present work an effort is made to access the potential of Internet Marketing in India in consonance with the various environmental factors. several techniques that can help the marketers to enhance their business by harvesting the power of the Internet. In market the internet and other information technologies created a flood of interesting and innovative ways to provide customer value. The more the Internet settles into mainstream business, the more it spawns innovation and more change. Electronic marketing is the youngest of the membership growth devices and has grown tremendously since mainstreaming a little more than two decades ago. E-marketing is traditional marketing using information technology. The marketing transformation results in new business models that add customer value, build customer relationships, or increase company profitability. This in turn created a virtual market for actual products globally. This paper focuses on the evolution and the challenges in the process of e- marketing in rural areas. Keywords: E-commerce, Internet, Online, Consumer, Rural India.


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