E-Governance Of Higher Education In Economic Growth V/S Economic Development

  • B. P. Singh Associate Professor, Department of Geography, S.V. College, Aligarh


“Economic development” is much more than just economic growth, while economic growth is an essential component of development; it is not the only one. This is because development is not purely an economic phenomenon. Development is a multi-dimensional process involving the reorganization and reorientation of the entire economic and social system. In addition to improvement in incomes and output, it typically involves radical changes in institutional, social and administrative structures, popular attitudes, and sometimes even customs and beliefs, as well as the reduction of inequality and eradication of absolute poverty, development represents the entire gamut of change by which the entire socio-economic system tuned to the diverse basic needs and desires of individual and social groups moves from unsatisfactory level towards materially and spiritually better condition.


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