Indian Rural Market: Opportunity & Challenges in Global Context

  • Gopi Krishna Tiwari Principal,Education Department, HOD B.Ed Department, Educationist
  • Amit Kumar Tewari Associate Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering, Arya College of Engineering & I.T.
  • Shweta Tewari Human Resource Manager


Rural market is getting importance because of the saturation of urban market. So the marketers are looking for extending their product categories to an unexplored market i.e. the rural market. According to the Nielson‟s survey the rural market for FMCG (Rs. 65,000 crores), durables (Rs. 5,000 crores) and clothing and footwear (Rs. 35,000 crores) was as large as Rs. 1, 05,000 crores in 2008. Certainly the size is much bigger now. According to Nielson by 2025, the rural FMCG sale is estimated to be $ 100 billion from the current $ 12 billion. This has also led to the CSR activities being done by the corporate to help the poor people attain some wealth to spend on their product categories. Here, we can think of HLL initiatives in the rural India. One of such product is project Shakti, which is not only helping their company attain some revenue but also helping the poor women of the village to attain some wealth which is surely going to increase their purchasing power. Rural market is mystery for the companies. Due to lack of dipper insights into the psyche of the rural consumers, companies are hesitant to explore this territory. But local brand like “Ghadi” detergent in


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