Contribution of Wild Vegetation in Rural Employment of Unnao District

  • Nikhil . Agnihotri Dept. of Botany, S.K.J.D. Mahavidyalaya, Dilwal-Mangalpur, Kanpur Dehat, UP


Human being has been depending on plants and their byproducts for many of his basic needs since the beginning of civilization. Various types of food material, medicines, material of various usage and raw material for cottage and small industries is gained from forests or self-grown plants. The present study is based on the role of self-grown plants in rural employment in rural and remote areas of Unnao district. These wild plants are found self-grown in different climatic and atmospheric conditions. Since the means of employment in rural areas are very limited, therefore a number of villagers earn their livelihood by collecting these medicinal plants and selling them in local market. The present study deals with 57 plants and their products. Some of these plants are used as vegetables, fruits or medicins while others are used for various purposes. Most of these plants and their products are abundantly found in rural and remote areas, and they are playing a vital role in providing livelihood to the villagers that are weak and old, and deprived of agricultural land. Key words- Rural employment, Wild vegetation, self-grown plants


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