The Reality of Green Purchase in Most Polluted Cities in India

  • Prashant Trivedi Senior Research Fellow (UGC), Department of Business Administration, University of Lucknow, Lucknow


India is riding high on the development vehicle fuelled by its changing demographic structure. With rise in family income, contribution by female earning members, rise in nuclear families, consumers are bestowed with more disposable income and this disposable income drives then to upgrade their lifestyle. In order to upgrade their lifestyle they are buying more and more. This tendency may lead to over consumption which may disturb the balance of nature. The concept of sustainability which stresses upon the importance of leaving the same set of natural resources to our posterity becomes vital in such scenario. Green products be it LED bulbs, solar panels, hybrid vehicles, star rated equipments etc are the options to tackle the problem related with sustainability. Keywords: Sustainability, Green marketing, Green purchase, Green products.


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