Rural Market Mix

  • Madhumita Gupta Asst. Prof. - Commerce, MBP Govt. P.G. College, Aashiana, Lucknow, U.P.


Many companies are entering into the rural markets and educating them on newer products, their features and services and also about their maximum utilization. The rural youth today are playing a far more significant role in influencing the purchase decisions. They frequently travel out of the village and are the drivers of purchase decisions regarding radios, television (black and white as well as colour), automobiles and other goods. They may not be the end users but often these are the people who influence the purchase decision of high value products and they also decide on which brands to choose. The consumption level of consumer durables in the rural sector has risen dramatically over the last two decades or so. Even the rural woman is coming out of the house and also exercising her choice in selecting categories — the choice of brands may still be with the males of the household. The final purchase decisions still rests with the chief male of the family. In other words, the “chief wage earner” still applies in the rural markets.


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