A Study Of Political Awareness Among Scheduled Castes Women In Lucknow District Of U.P.

  • Harshendra Pratap Singh Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Political Science, Government Degree College, Unnao, UP


After independence, the political scene in our country has changes. The new political culture has brought lower sections into the domain of politics. The question which now arises is that of the extent of political awareness and political participation among scheduled castes, particularly the women among these castes. Regarding the extent of political participation among scheduled castes’ women, 18.0 percent each exhibit high and medium levels, 56.0 percent show low level of political participation and remaining 8.0 percent don’t participate at all. As compared to political awareness, participation seems to be less, but the fact remains that scheduled castes’ women and the Indian women in general don’t get much opportunity for political participation, except for voting on election day. Even the turn out during the elections in Uttar Pradesh is quite low as compared to many other states. Keeping in mind their traditional apolitical nature, it can safely be said that they have started participation in political affairs and this may increase with the increase in their level of education and mass media exposure. As regards the determinants of political participation among scheduled castes’ women, age, family size and membership of political parties, are found as the significant determinants. Participation increases with the increase in the age. It also shows an increase with the increase in family


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