GST In India: A Blessing or a Curse

  • Ankit Agrawal Research Scholar, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra


Indian economy is dealing with various reforms of Indirect Taxation especially since last three decades. . Goods and Service Tax is the latest indirect tax regime in India. GST is in its starting phase. Before GST Value Added Tax was the best tax reform in India indirect tax history but there were many problem for tax payers and many other taxes was applicable on Sale of goods and providing of services. After implementation of Goods and Service Tax about 17 indirect taxes become idle. But still taxpayers are not happy with GST. Still there are some issue of GST in India, which needs attention of Central government, Finance Department and GST council of India. Many economists are in favor of GST in India but on the other hand some economists and political parties are against it. May be some problems or issues are there in goods and Service Tax but still Indian Indirect Taxation is on a growing path with timely required amendments. This study ‘GST in India – A Blessing or a Curse’ is all about Merits and Demerits of Goods and Service Tax.


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