Information about GST Benefits to a Common Man

  • Dr. Om Prakash Singh Associate Professor, Department of Commerce Harish Chandra Post Graduate College, Varanasi


It is very interesting to know the GST benefits to common man. This article provides valuable information about the GST that is suitable and profitable for a common man in an easy way. First of all, you need not panic new tax system in India. You should well research about GST and try to understand GST in a professional way. Here is the list of benefits of GST to a common man.
But under the GST there will be only one uniform tax structure so that there is no need to pay additional charge (i.e. excise duty). From the above example we can see that by implementation of GST, concept of double taxation will be eliminated as there will be only one uniform tax structure. Critics argue that GST is a value added process similar to VAT (value added tax), but VAT was already there in the Indian economy


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