Managing Human Resources With Times

  • Dr. Seema Agnihotri 1 1 Asst. Professor Deptt. of Commerce, B.N.D College Kanpur.
  • and Dr. RN Agnihotri 2 2. Asst. Professor Deptt. of Commerce, DAV College Kanpur


In the past, the term 'human resources' was used most often for employees who assessed personnel documents and personnel files. He or she mainly worked in the administrative area. HR representatives were convinced that everyone had a performance evaluation, compensation, salary and benefits on time and that the higher authorities dealt too many disputes to deal with themselves.
According to Adi Godrej: "The strength of all companies depends on people." In this way, an organization can deduce that human resources are the real strengths of the organization. Because organizations have everything to do with the strength of the company and people are central to the business world, which means that people are the power of business.


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