Service Quality in Educational Institutions an Exclusive Analysis

  • Dr. Santosh singh Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce Islamia College of Commerce, Gorakhpur


The purpose of this White Paper is to examine the quality of service at Punjab College. This research specifically deals with five aspects of SERVQUAL instrumentation: reliability, certainty, type, empathy and responsiveness. In today's competitive age, educational institutions must recognize the perceptions and expectations of students about the quality of services and find the gap between expectations and perceptions. This identified gap helps us to come up with strategies to improve service quality. The sample of this study included 139 students, 65 from public colleges and 74 from private colleges. There is a considerable negative difference in expectations and perceptions about the quality of service provided by the college that you are studying here, which indicates that there is dissatisfaction amongst students. The analysis of the gap between perceptions and expectations of the service quality shows that all recognition scores are lower than the expected scores, as a lot of effort is needed to improve the service to improve the quality of the service provided by the institution. Elements with the highest negative gender were sympathetic to both private and public universities. In general, government officials were less negative than business and engineering students.


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