Environment Management through Rain Water Harvesting Model

  • Dr. Mehboob Alam Associate Professor, Department of Commerce Buddha PG College, Kushinagar


The Earth relies heavily on groundwater for most applications, such as drinking, cooking, irrigation and architecture. Groundwater has been exploited because there is no regulation to manage and monitor its use. The result is huge waste and the depletion of surface water is incredibly fast. Groundwater must be replenished and other water sources must be developed. The population of the city reaches 0.4 million per official Census Report in 2011. Despite unhanding equipped with a flow admitted 209.8MLD (1101 million liters) and groundwater is used as the sole water source. The annual emissions are 200 m3 / s and are discharged for 15 to 20 days with an average annual rainfall of 800 mm.


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Conference Paper